May 29, 2011

NAS Australia, a wholesaler from the RF & TV signal distribution industry, was proud to introduce Triteka‚Äôs 3 wire concept to an audience of industry professionals at CeBIT in Sydney 2011. Demonstrating with a working model of the 3Wire solution over all 3 wires used in the home: power, phone and coax using high definition (1080P) video streams. The demonstration ran without a hitch for the 3 days of the show. Many were impressed by the elegance of the 3-wire solution for homes and buildings stuck with legacy cabling. Some others remembered with horror the difficulties they had when they last faced a legacy cabling situation, visibly grateful that they “wouldn’t have to do that again!” In an industry where CAT5/6 and fiber dominate, it came as a shock to some to realise how perfectly suited coaxial cables are for broadband IP/TCP traffic. And how other services can so easily coexist on coaxial network topologies of almost infinite variety. It was pleasing for our company to introduce such an innovative product to such a receptive audience.


Remote Management for Triteka’s MDU solution.

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