Triteka is a pioneer core-technology and system vendor of next generation networking solutions for IP-based entertainment distribution over any existing wire infrastructures for the residential and commercial markets (i.e.: offices, MDU hotels/resorts, campus, hospitals, etc.).


Triteka’s expertise leans on strong experience from the fields of CATV/Satellite, communication access and home networking & applications. The company’s core technology derives from digital/RF/analog communication expertise on the systems level. Triteka’s patented technology enables its customers to deliver highly integrated multiple legacy & Next-Generation protocols mediating and co-existing with different infrastructures such as Telephony (RJ11), Coax (CATV/Satellite), Powerline, CAT5/6 and Wireless.


Triteka technology complies with and is interoperable with various existing standards including the 802.11, HomePlugAV and others, which enables connectivity to any standard based third party equipment. Triteka provides a next generation unified coax, powerline, phoneline “Ethernet of Any Wire” networking solution.


Triteka empowers service providers to leverage existing infrastructure (in buildings and the last mile) to generate new service opportunities and revenue streams, such as IPTV in-home distribution and multi-room DVR, wired and wireless LAN data, and IP telephony.


Triteka Ltd. is a privately held, venture-backed company based in Cyprus with a regional office in Israel to support it’s R&D efforts. 

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