The “EoC Network System” establishes a network within a group of buildings or community, enabling IP traffic over the coaxial cables already in place. It is an elegant plug-n-play high speed data distribution solution.


Triteka NT, Terminating: Wireless, Powerline, CAT5/6, Coax and RJ11 Communications
Coaxial Cable
Fiber Optic Cable


Internet access has become increasingly important for the University campuses – and not only in typical computer labs. A campus includes several different types of networking topologies, the last mile, MDU, and home networking. Campus buildings which often are not equipped with Ethernet cables, can be networked with Triteka technology quickly, easily and cost-effectively by using the existing cables in these buildings, such as coaxial, power and telephone lines. Due to the fact that existing infrastructure is used and there is no need to install new Ethernet cables, considerable investments for renovations are not required and the campuses day to day operations are not interrupted by the installation. The implementation takes place without noise, dirt or commotion caused by renovations lasting weeks on end.
Without costly, disruptive, and time-consuming structural changes, numerous networking applications can be obtained, including:
• Internet access for students and faculty in every room & common areas
• VOIP (telephone) in every room and common areas
• IPTV (television) in every room and common areas
• IP security and control

Triteka’s products allow educators to provide a cutting edge educational environment and pave the way for enriched instruction, engaged students, and higher test scores and levels of learning. Advantages of utilizing this technology include:
• Significant cost savings compared to alternative options
• Low investment cost for future-proof technology
• No renovation work necessary – existing infrastructures are used
  o Dramatic reduction in duration of installation
  o Clean and non-disruptive installation
• Higher faculty satisfaction and retention
• Enriched classroom instruction
• Eager prospective students and parents

Triteka technology is a great solution for any campus – large or small. Contact us if you would like to learn more about Triteka networking in campuses.

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