The “3Wire Network System” is a reliable home networking solution which utilizes all the existing infrastructures (coax, telephone and powerline wires) with up to 500Mbps.


Ethernet isn’t just for computers anymore. Many of your AV electronics, like Blu-ray Disc™ players, TiVo®, and video game consoles feature high speed Ethernet ports to connect to the internet to download movies and music or stream video and music from your computer, or media server. Often times, there isn’t an Ethernet connection where you need it. You could connect wirelessly, but WiFi can be unreliable, difficult to set up, and doesn’t deliver the speed you need to play multiplayer action games or stream HD video, especially over long distances.
The Home Entertainment Network is the next generation of home networking. It has the capacity to handle a high content volume and provide a guaranteed service delivery expected by various types of providers. The Home Entertainment Network supports carrier-grade HDTV services including IPTV Solutions and Whole Home DVR in addition to VoIP and internet broadband services.


Home Entertainment Network vs. a traditional home network?
There are several key characteristics that distinguish a home entertainment network from a traditional home data network. The Home Entertainment Network possesses the following additional attributes that a traditional home network does not.
• Supports several HDTV video streams and other media-rich high speed content
• Guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) ensures 100% delivery of content
• Supports time sensitive, synchronous applications such as IPTV and VoIP
• Runs on existing wires (phone, coax, and power) with wireless coverage
• Infrastructure, maintenance free.
• Passive mesh topology as opposed to star active topology.


WiFi and CAT-5 Are Not the best Answer
Commonly deployed networking technology such as Ethernet or 802.11 WiFi are typically the first simple solutions to come to mind, however, they don’t meet the requirements of carriers because they lack the home coverage as well as the cost and/or performance requirements needed to deliver Home Entertainment Networks.

WiFi isn’t a viable option because it doesn’t have the capability to support streaming HDTV and mulitpler action games that demand a high speed connection with reduced lag time. Wireless (WiFi) can keep you waiting when you want to quickly download a movie, and it is often to slow to play online action games or to stream an HD movie to another room in your home. In addition, Wifi can pick up interference from other wireless networks, and it can also have dramatic drops in speed over long distances because wall, floors, and doors can severely degrade wireless signal strength. Wifi coverage inside the home can be spotty and unreliable.

CAT-5 isn’t a good option either because it is not widely available in most homes, it is quite expensive, is time consuming to install and it has a star topology rather than mesh topology. It also requires in-house active systems installations such as switches, hubs and repeaters, as well as a marked dedicated cable per each termination point.


Triteka! – The Best Solution
Triteka easily overcomes the above obstacles; the best and most reliable solution is to utilize the existing wires (coaxial cables, powerlines, telephone lines) in the house that can meet the bandwidth requirements of a Home Entertainment Network.
Triteka’s patented 3WR-500 brings a high speed Ethernet connection to any room in your home. It instantly turns your home’s existing coaxial, electrical, and telephone wiring into a high speed whole-home network. You can get blazing fast speeds up to 500 Mbps for multiple connections to the internet or streaming high definition audio and video. It’s also incredibly easy to set up – simply plug in two 3WR-500 Adapters and they automatically connect to each other. You can even add more network connections in more rooms of your home by just having additional 3WR Adapters and you can have optional wireless/Wifi coverage as well.

Triteka’s 3WR-500 product family is the ideal solution for the Home Entertainment Network. It provides for a “no-new-wire” solution by distributing video, data and voice applications via wire infrastructure that already exists in the home – coax, electrical and/or twisted pair.


Advantages of Triteka’s solution:
• Supports media-rich “Triple Play” services
• Co-exist and interoperable with “running” transmissions like CATV & Satellite
• Interoperable with third party standard systems (WiFi, HomePlug AV)
• It has a mesh topology; no need in dedicated cable for each termination device/application,
   you can connect as many applications as you want to the same points in parallel
• No active devices on the infrastructure (routers, switches, hubs, repeaters, etc.)
• Ultra Low-Cost
• No renovation work necessary – existing infrastructures are used
• Dramatic reduction in duration of installation
• Clean and non-disruptive installation
• Optional WiFi coverage

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