The “EoC Network System” is an enterprise networking solution for MDU’s, hotel, campus and last mile with up to 500Mbps over the existing coaxial wiring.


The future of MDU networking in a building or collection of buildings lies in a combination of “Triple Play” technology and eliminating the need to run new CAT5/6 Ethernet or Fiber Optic cables by utilizing existing wire infrastructure. This combination allows for enhanced media-rich services – over long distances – at a fraction of the cost of traditional networking methods.


How does the next generation MDU Network differ from a traditional MDU network?
The Next Generation MDU Network possesses the following additional characteristics that a traditional MDU network does not.
• Supports several HDTV video streams and other media-rich content
• Guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) ensures 100% delivery of content
• Supports time sensitive, synchronous applications such as IPTV and VoIP
• Runs on existing wires (phone, coax, and power)
• Co-exist and interoperable with “running” data/transmissions like corporate data, CATV,


WiFi, CAT-5 and Fiber Optics Are Not the best Answer
Commonly deployed networking technology such as WiFi, Ethernet, or Fiber Optic are typically the first solutions to come to mind, however, these solutions don’t meet the requirements of carriers because they either lack the proper coverage, the cost and/or performance requirements needed to deliver Next Generation MDU Networks.
WiFi isn’t a viable option because it doesn’t have the capability to support HDTV streams. In addition, coverage inside the building can be spotty and unreliable.
CAT-5/6 Ethernet and Fiber Optic cables are not a good option either because they are not common in most buildings, are quite expensive and time consuming to install. They are a star topology rather than mesh topology which requires active systems installations such as switches, hubs and repeaters, as well as a marked dedicated cable per each termination point.


Triteka! – The Best Solution
The best solution is to utilize existing wires in buildings or communities that can meet the bandwidth requirements of Next Generation MDU Networks. The best solution and most reliable approach utilize coaxial cables, powerlines, and/or telephone lines.
Triteka’s product family is the best solution for the Next Generation MDU Network. They provide for a “No New Wire” solution by distributing video, data and voice applications via cable infrastructure that already exists in buildings – coax, powerlines and/or twisted pair.


Advantages of Triteka’s solution:
• Supports media-rich “Triple Play” services
• Significant cost savings compared to alternative options
• Dramatic reduction in duration of installation
• Clean and non-disruptive installation
• Comply & interoperable with third party standards & systems (Wifi, PLC)
• Co-exist and interoperable with “running” transmissions like corporate data, telephony, CATV,
   Satellite on the same infrastructure.
• Optional WiFi coverage
• It has a mesh topology; no need in dedicated cable for each termination device/application,
   you can connect as many applications as you want to the same points in parallel.
• No active devices on the infrastructure (routers, switches, hubs, repeaters)

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